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Canned Classic Tomato Salsa For Any Occasion [Recipe]

A canned classic tomato salsa may not sound like anything special, but it is truly a wonderful appetizer, sauce, or dip. Now that it’s warmer out again, all I crave is good guacamole and salsa in the afternoon. However, you can make this salsa any time of the year and you’ll have your guests asking for more.

Make This Canned Classic Tomato Salsa For A Tasty Party Appetizer

Gather your tomatoes, and let’s get cooking!

For this recipe, I decided to use cherry tomatoes, corn kernels, red onions, lime juice, jalapeno pepper, chipotle chili powder, cilantro, and salt. I love the acidity and sweetness of cherry tomatoes, but you can use any other kind you have, just make sure you chop them up small.

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Corn is another classic addition that I love for crunch, but you can use canned corn or sweet corn, or skip it altogether. As for the rest of the ingredients, they come together to create spice and tartness, but you can replace some of them too. I suggest you try small yellow onions, dry cilantro, ground red pepper flakes, lemon juice, and black pepper.

Once I had all the ingredients ready, I brought them to a boil, and let them simmer for 10 minutes. I like to stir occasionally to prevent any burning, but this step doesn’t take too much effort.

When it comes to canning salsa, I like to use a water canner, as this prevents any spoilage. I always leave about ½ inch of headspace, this way the salsa can expand when cooled.

Finally, I suggest you process your jars for about 15 minutes, but this may vary depending on the altitude you live at. After processing, I allow my jars to cool for at least a day, and then I store them in a cool, dry place.

Try this canned classic tomato salsa for any occasion, from get-togethers to summer BBQs and more!

Canned Classic Tomato Salsa

Recipe by Gillian Lightman


  • 5 lb (2.2 kg) cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped

  • 2 cups (256 g) corn kernels

  • 1 cup (238 g) red onion, finely chopped

  • 2 tsp salt

  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) lime juice

  • 2 jalapeno peppers, seeded, minced

  • 1/2 cup (64 g) chopped cilantro

  • Optional:
  • 1 tsp chipotle chili powder


  • Prepare water-bath canner.
  • Simmer jars until ready for use.
  • Wash lids and rings with warm soapy water. Set aside.
  • Mix all ingredients in a large saucepan and bring mixture to boil.
  • Lower heat then simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently.
  • Gently ladle salsa into hot jars, leave half-inch headspace.
  • Remove trapped air bubbles by running a spatula around the inside of jar.
  • Wipe rim with clean damp cloth then apply lid and ring. Adjust to fingertip-tightness.
  • Process jars for 15 minutes. (Adjust for altitude)
  • Turn heat off, let jars sit for 5 minutes to settle.
  • Remove jars and cool for 24 hours. Don’t place jars in a cold surface or where there’s cool draft as jars may crack.
  • Test seal on lids by pressing down the center, lid shouldn’t wiggle and must feel nice and solid.
  • Any unsealed jars must be refrigerated and consumed first.