Dehydrated Sweet Peppers Are Perfect For Today |

Dehydrated Sweet Peppers Are Perfect For Today [Recipe]

You may wonder why you’d make dehydrated sweet peppers?  The truth is, I had leftover peppers from a dinner party and they were about to go bad, so I decided to get creative with them.

The first part of this process is all about making sure your peppers are cleaned and seeded. I like to cut mine into half-inch pieces, and then dehydrating them at 125-135 degrees.

These Dehydrated Sweet Peppers Are Perfect To Use In Any Recipe You Want

This is the part that gives people the hardest time, as you do have to be patient and calm. I left mine in the dehydrator for about 15 hours, but it can take somewhere between 12-24 hours for these sweet peppers to be ready.

Surprisingly, peppers shrink tremendously, which is why I used plenty so I could have more than one jar of dehydrated sweet peppers to store for future uses.

Photo of text area that says "Dehydrated Sweet Peppers, vegan and gluten-free, simple ingredients, quick and easy," followed by a photo of chopped red bell peppers on a dehydrator rack

I love using these in any sort of meal, but one of my favorite things is how easy it is to rehydrate them. All you need to do is add them directly to what you are cooking. I also add some water to the cooking process, which rehydrates my sweet peppers back to great shape.

Keep in mind too, that you can dehydrate any bell pepper you have, red, yellow, or green. Another good way to do this is to add some seasoning. I have tried making spicy peppers as well, by using red pepper flakes and a touch of paprika.

It truly is up to you how you use these, as they can reabsorb water and flavor when you cook. Some of my friends love to munch on these with hummus as a snack. And others eat them straight from the jar because they are that tasty!

Instead of letting your veggies go to waste, do as I did. Try making these tasty dehydrated sweet peppers in a day!

Dehydrated Sweet Peppers

Recipe by Gillian Lightman


  • 30 fresh sweet peppers


  • Wash sweet peppers thoroughly.
  • Halve peppers, de-seed, then slice them into strips.
  • Cut strips into half-inch pieces.
  • Lay the pepper slices in the dehydrator.
  • Process peppers at 125-135 F (51-57 C) until crisp. It might take 12-24 hours, depending on how humid your kitchen is.
  • To rehydrate, simply mix them with whatever dish you’re cooking. Dish process may require additional water though.