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5 Types of Foods That Don’t Freeze Well

I love my freezer. There is only one complaint that I have when it comes to freezing food in my home, aside from foods that don’t freeze well, and that is that the freezer isn’t big enough.

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I mean, is there a better and easier way to prolong the life of food than to simply throw it in a safe bag and then into the freezer?

There’s very little preparing to do and it keeps for a long time. But there are certain foods that you don’t freeze.

I guess a second complaint I have about freezing is that not every type of food is suitable for freezing. There are certain types of food that, quite frankly, may as well end up straight in the bin instead of going through the process of freezing and thawing.

The truth is, they just don’t stand up to the rigors of subzero temperatures.

But freezing food is such a great way to not only prolong the life of food, but also to turn it into delicious treats, perfect for serving as is. I remember growing up with my Mum often giving me a bowl of frozen grapes which to snack on during particularly warm summer days. Or segments of frozen oranges.

To find out what foods not to freeze, stay tuned. Foods that don’t freeze well don’t really make up the bulk of the list of things I buy at the supermarket, but they still play a critical role in my kitchen.

If it was possible to freeze them, then it would probably mean I didn’t need to leave the house as often, seeing I spend most of my time in the kitchen. It’s a place I love creating, letting my imagination run, as I create a plethora of dishes.

What Types of Foods Can Not Be Frozen?

Of all the foods you shouldn’t freeze, it surprised me to see my old favorites, grapes and oranges. But then I saw that while they aren’t recommended for freezing, they are if you eat them in their frozen state.

And that makes me happy because, while I might not be a child anymore, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few childish treats now and then.

The 5 Types of Foods That Don’t Freeze Well

Type #1: Herbs

Although herbs don’t really need freezing if dried, fresh herbs, those frozen alone and in sprigs, won’t freeze well. Ones to avoid freezing entirely are parsley, chives and basil, whilst most soft herbs won’t do well. If possible, dry the herbs for extended storage, prolonging their shelf life.

Type #2: Vegetables

While not all vegetables are unsuitable for freezing, there are some that shouldn’t see the inside of an icebox. Their biological structure doesn’t stand up well to the freezing process, hence why they shouldn’t freeze.

Vegetables like onions, cucumbers, celery, and radishes don’t stand up well to the freezer, neither do green peppers and potatoes. Raw potatoes tend to fare far less positive than cooked ones, but neither is really suitable for freezing either.

The other greens to really avoid are anything of the salad variety, like sprouts and lettuce, leaves just not suitable for a less-than-zero environment. Brussel sprouts, a bit of a vegetable/salad hybrid doesn’t freeze well either.

Type #3: Fruit

You can’t have a list of vegetables without a list of fruits to follow. Unfortunately, there are a few fruits that don’t fare well in the freezer either. While I did mention oranges and grapes before, they are fantastic when consumed frozen, but unfortunately don’t thaw well at the other end.

Also on the list of unsuitable fruits are the other citric brethren of oranges, the lemons and limes. You can freeze citrus zest, however, so knock yourself out with those, great for adding to cakes and desserts.

There’s also apples and grapefruits. Probably the worst fruit to freeze is watermelon. Containing 90% water means the fibrous structure of the fruit is all but destroyed during the freezing process, leaving a thawed out mushy mess.

Type #4: Dairy

I’ve often wished some of the following could be frozen, but the sad reality is, they just can not be. Cheese, in particular the soft varieties, as well as cottage cheese and cream cheese, really don’t freeze.

Other dairy items worth avoiding include eggs still in shells, cooked egg whites, custard, mayonnaise, salad dressings and sour cream. There’s a real possibility of the curd and whey separating with cream-based products.

Type #5: Don’t Freeze These Other Things

The items on this list don’t fall into the other 4 categories, but all don’t freeze either. Things like pasta, rice, and frosting, both egg-based and cream-based. There’s the delicious crumb on casseroles and baked dishes and any fried foods, plus sauces made from either corn starch or flour.

I’m sure there are other things as well, but for the sake of this article, it is a great start to warning you of the types of foods to avoid putting into your freezer.