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3 Reasons to Try Instant Pot Sous Vide

If you haven’t yet tried an Instant Pot Sous Vide steak, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Put simply, it is the most tender, juiciest steak I have ever had. And the best part about the whole process? Anyone is qualified to cook this way, especially using your Instant Pot for the job. With an Instant Pot by your side, it’s as if Sous Vide is the next step in the process.

You already know that your Instant Pot is one of the most versatile cooking appliances one can own. Of course, you know it, because you already own one, yes? If not, then I highly suggest you check out a new Instant Pot right now and join in on this cooking revolution. Only once you have one of these beauties in your possession will you appreciate everything they’re capable of.

What is Sous Vide cooking?

Text area that says "3 Reasons to Try Instant Pot Sous Vide", ultimatefoodpreservation.com" followed by a close-up to a man sealing a piece of steak with herbs in a plastic bagPut simply, sous vide is cooking food inside a sealed bag, which is submerged in water. Simply add your piece of meat, fish, or vegetables to the bag, add whatever spices you wish to enjoy, and make sure to seal the bag. Make doubly-sure to seal the bag, as it will be submerged into a water bath. If the bag springs any leaks at all, the result won’t be the one you were hoping for.

The strange thing about sous vide style cooking is that it’s not time dependent. Take a piece of steak for example. To cook this piece of meat sous vide and end up with it either rare, medium or well done, is determined by the temperature of the water. As foreign as it may seem, the difference in the type of finished steak isn’t accomplished by leaving the piece of meat submerged for longer. This is how you cook meat on a hotplate or frypan, but not sous vide.

Let’s look at 3 reasons as to why you should give this style of cooking a try, and not just because you have yourself an Instant Pot. The benefits of this cooking style can be quite a bonus, especially when you cook this way more often. And with the flavors sous vide achieves, why wouldn’t you want to.

Reason #1: Instant Pot Sous Vide Cooking is Simple

Unlike trying to time everything just right with a frying pan, cooking anything sous vide is far more forgiving. Think about how many times you tried frying the perfect steak, only to find your concentration pulled to something else and leaving you with an over-cooked piece of meat. Or perhaps you tried your best to cook the perfect medium-rare, but didn’t give it enough time, leaving you with a messy plate of unappealing juices.

With sous vide cooking, the cooking times posted on many recipe sites are only guides and at best, the bare minimum. The cooking style doesn’t need to be watched and if you do happen to go over time, the end result won’t be detrimental to the dish. This gives you a lot of leeway in the kitchen and is one of the reasons so many people enjoy the simplicity of sous vide cooking.

Reason #2: The Flavors of Instant Pot Sous Vide Cooking

When using sous vide cooking, you add the flavors you wish to combine into the bag, then seal it tight. That means you lose none of the flavors through the cooking process. The sealed bag locks in all the flavors and keeps your food in the very best state until you open it up and serve.

When cooking with other forms, a lot of flavors tend to be lost in the pan, either through caramelization, watered down in water, or lost through the heat of the pan. But with sous vide, all the flavors remain where they should.

Reason #3: It’s a New Style to Excite You

If you have never explored sous vide cooking, prepare to be amazed. Everything about this form of cooking is appealing and you discover something new every time you start a new dish. From discovering the intensity of the flavors to understanding the cooking times, there’s so much new to learn. It even sounds exotic and will have dinner guests asking questions.

The versatility of knowing exactly when your dish is ready helps with planning entire meals. No more second-guessing when that steak is ready. Simply load the bag with your chosen protein and spices and then set and forget until it’s ready. For me, it’s the perfect way to cook so many meals now. Are you ready to give it a try? 

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