3 Reasons to Invest in a Mirro Pressure Canner

The Mirro Pressure Canner is one of those products every kitchen should invest in. Given the incredible innovations introduced over the last couple of decades, cooking enthusiasts the world over, have been inundated with fancy new appliances to try. In just a few short years, we have gone from a simple open fireplace, to a kitchen filled with computerized gadgets which operate independently from their human owners.

Mirro Pressure Canner For Your Pressure Canning Needs!

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One area that continues to evolve on an almost daily basis is in the home canning department. This is an area that has been building on a foundation which began back in the Napoleonic era. Canning as a whole came about when Napoleon himself needed a way to feed his army on the march. At the time, this was a near impossibility. What his army required was food that didn’t spoil immediately and was easily transported, to be used as needed.

Today, home canning is a thriving business. It’s used for various reasons, most of which continue to remain despite our seemingly technologically-advanced kitchens. It is for these reasons that home canning is still viewed as a necessity, needing to be utilized regularly. To understand why canning is such an important skill to learn and embrace, here are several reasons. Some of these I know you will certainly acknowledge.

Why is home canning so popular?

Whilst industrial canning has been around for many decades and is a great way to store a plethora of foods and fruits for times of our choosing, it is not the only method of canning. Home canning is also extremely popular and is also one of the first methods employed when canning first became known. But the reasons behind home canning are still as important to understand today, as they were a few hundred years ago.

Reason #1: Reduce Wastage

Many of the foods we purchase through supermarkets, fresh food grocers and farmers markets, have very short use by dates. They don’t last very long and need to be consumed very quickly, as they tend to spoil within several days. This limits the amount of each type of food you can buy at any one time.

Meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and baked goods all have very limited shelf lives. While some may be suitable for freezing, others simply perish if not eaten. Their make-up may not be suitable for freezing.

While baked goods and dairy products aren’t suitable for home canning, meat, fruits and vegetables certainly are, making them prime candidates for several home-canning methods. And once you learn to adopt this excellent way of preserving your food, you’ll never look back.

Reason #2: Save Money

In these difficult times, there’s no greater skill than the skill of saving money. The dollar is hard to come by and if there’s one simple way to save some, it’s through home canning. When purchasing food through your local store, there’s one way to get a great deal and that’s through buying goods in bulk. Instead of paying a couple of bucks for a pound of carrots, by ten pounds for five bucks.

But buying in bulk is only the beginning, as taking that much food home would only mean even more spoilage. But what if there was a way to not only buy the produce in bulk, but also find a way to keep it from spoiling? Wouldn’t that be an incredible skill to find? Thankfully, that is exactly what home canning delivers.

Reason #3: Keep Out of Season Food

When it comes to fresh produce, a lot of it tends to only grow at certain times of the year. This means that once all the fruits or vegetables are spoilt or used up, there’s no more until the following season. But with home canning, there’s no more running out of food in-between growing season, because now you stock it year-round.

Fancy some sweet and delicious mango in the middle of winter? How about some delicious cherries, peaches, nectarines, or even certain mushroom varieties? With a home canning set-up by your side, and the skills to create whatever ingredients you have on hand, the foods will continue to flow all year round.

Reason #4: Storing for a Rainy Day

Sometimes, it may not have anything to do with out-of-season fruit, reducing waste, or saving money. Sometimes, canning happens just for the sake of canning. Perhaps you stumbled across your Grandma’s old preservatives recipe and decided to create several batches. Canning will ensure there’s enough to not only share with friends and family, but also to make sure it won’t spoil until everybody gets their serve.

Whether filling a pantry with pickled food, preserved food, or just timeless recipes for a rainy day, there’s always a reason to bring out the home canner. And by having a Mirro Pressure Canner by your side, the foods created in your kitchen will be top-quality and perfect for storing and sharing alike.

Why is the Mirro Pressure Canner so Popular?

When you have been in business for over a hundred years, chances are, you know a thing or two about the products you sell. Mirro have been around for a very long time and throughout the many years of operation, have learned a few things about pressure canners. That’s what makes them a fantastic choice for you to consider when selecting your next pressure canner.

And to make things even better, IMUSA purchased the Mirro company recently. IMUSA incorporated all the knowledge of these hundred-year-old experts in pressure canners, and rebuilt some exciting new options into the ever-evolving range of canners. What this means for you is an even better line-up of exciting products and innovations.

Several sizes exist, which means there’s a Mirro Pressure Canner that’s perfectly suited to your household. From this delightful 8-Quart Pressure Cooker for the smaller household, to the remarkable 22-Quart Pressure Cooker. The latter is large enough to feed your entire street for a month. OK, maybe not for a month, but you get the idea.

Why should I invest in a Mirro Pressure Canner?
There are a few reasons why you should take the plunge and experience one of these amazing pressure canners. There are so many reasons and here are three you should definitely consider.

Reason #1: Experience

With more than 100 years of experience behind the brand, Mirro have been building pressure canners for a long time and in that time have improved on their original product with a lot of new innovations. If there’s one thing to note about all that experience is that there’s always a reason to improve on a great product.

For a company to spend a lot of resources on research and development, it shows a distinct level of commitment for a brand to evolve its product into better and better appliances. That’s a definite bonus when looking to invest in a product for yourself.

Reason #2: Reliability

With a century of history behind it, there is one thing a company of that experience can not hide and that’s any flaws their products may hold. With Mirro being such a household name, their reliability is second to none, producing tough and dependable appliances that people have come to love over the decades.

Reason #3: Reputation

Building a fantastic and reliable product is only half the equation, with the other side of the coin being how well that company backs up its product when things do go wrong. Mirro has the confidence and the backing to provide an extensive network of after-sales service that is second to none. It is for that very reason that more and more people continue to buy into a brand that has spent the years building up a reputation people trust.

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