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Looking For A Sweet Treat? Try This Tangy Clementine Jam [Recipe]

While I had made something similar, never this tangy clementine jam. Once I did make it, I loved it. It is particularly good to have this during hot summer days, but in my house, it is a year-round treat.

This Tangy Clementine Jam Is The Perfect Addition To Your Breakfast

Put your clementines to good use!

For this dish, I used around three pounds of clementines. It may sound like a lot, but since this fruit is so small, it was just enough. I peel, seed, and cut them in half before cooking. You can also buy those seedless clementines to save time.

If you don’t seem to be able to find clementines, try using mandarin oranges, tangerines, or even grapefruit.

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To begin the process, I add the clementines to a food processor and puree them enough to get all the fibers cut. You can use a blender too, but make sure to blend enough to puree, but not to liquefy.

After my clementine puree is ready, I add to a saucepan and cook along with the sugar and lemon juice. For acid, you can use lime juice, apple cider vinegar, or a touch of orange juice instead.

I boil my mixture until it reaches 220 degrees F, or until it is thick enough. This cooking portion took me 30-40 minutes. Remember to stir continuously to prevent any scorching.

Once the mix is ready, I ladle into my jars, but you can use a jar funnel for less messiness.  Process your jars and remove bubbles before you seal them.

To finish, I allow my jars to cool down for at least 12 hours. I recommend you keep this jam in the refrigerator for better preservation. This jam will usually be safe to consume for about 10 days.

I use this tangy clementine jam as a treat during the day, but I’m sure everyone at home will enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Tangy Clementine Jam

Recipe by Gillian Lightman


  • 3 lb (1.3 g) clementines, peeled, halved, seeded

  • juice of 2 lemons

  • 1 cup (128 g) sugar


  • Pulse clementines in blender or food processor until pureed.
  • Mix puree, lemon juice and sugar in large saucepan.
  • Boil until temperature reaches 220 F (105 C).
  • Cook over medium heat for 30-40 minutes until the mixture thickens. Stir frequently.
  • Prepare water-bath canner.
  • Simmer jars until ready for use.
  • Wash lids and rings with warm soapy water then set aside.
  • Ladle hot jam into pre-sterilized jars, leave 1/4 inch headspace.
  • Remove trapped air bubbles by running a wooden spatula around the inside of the jar.
  • Wipe jar rim with a clean damp cloth.
  • Apply lid and ring, adjust to fingertip-tightness.
  • Process jars for 20 minutes (Adjust for altitude).
  • Turn heat off, let jars sit for 5 minutes to settle.
  • Remove jars and cool for 24 hours. Don’t place them on a cold surface or where there’s a cool draft as jars may crack.
  • After 24 hours, test the seal on the lids by pressing down the center, the lid shouldn’t wiggle and must feel nice and solid.
  • Any unsealed jars must be refrigerated and consumed first.